1. That’s not very lol if you ask me.

    — Text from my mom

  2. You learn something new every day.

    You learn something new every day.

  3. Feminist computer.

    Feminist computer.

  4. So you know the emoticon on facebook chat that looks like pacman?

    Well my boyfriend couldn’t figure out how to make the emoticons and the first thing he tried was :EAT

    I don’t know why I can’t stop laughing.

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  7. One more.

    One more.

  8. This is one of my favorites

    This is one of my favorites

  9. You’re never as unsure of yourself as you are after someone asks you “Are you sure about that?”

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That was fun.


    That was fun.

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  #there are people #there are gods #and then there is tom hanks


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  15. The Epic conclusion to the heart-wrenching trilogy (Episode 3)

    JessyWithAnS (9: 21:27 PM) has entered the room.
    TheGreatZambeeni (9: 21:32 PM) has entered the room.
    JessyWithAnS: ZAMBEENI!!!
    TheGreatZambeeni: ughhh
    JessyWithAnS: i missed you!!
    TheGreatZambeeni: wat u want now noob?
    TheGreatZambeeni: geez
    JessyWithAnS: pwease take me back
    TheGreatZambeeni: bak? wtf?
    JessyWithAnS: i miss what we had
    TheGreatZambeeni: wat r u talkin bout? who the hell are u?
    JessyWithAnS: you don't remember me??
    TheGreatZambeeni: i sed like 1 thing 2 u
    TheGreatZambeeni: stfu
    JessyWithAnS: but i love you
    LProckerchick71 (9: 23:10 PM) has entered the room.
    TheGreatZambeeniM): ur not hawt
    TheGreatZambeeni: hi lp!
    LProckerchick71: hey all
    LProckerchick71: hey zambeeni
    JessyWithAnS: *growl*
    TheGreatZambeeni: wanna do it on teh interwebz? lol
    LProckerchick71: lol yea all day
    TheGreatZambeeni: lolololololololol!
    JessyWithAnS: *cries*
    TheGreatZambeeni: stfu
    TheGreatZambeeni: go away if u gonna bug us
    LProckerchick71: lol
    TheGreatZambeeni: or find sum1 else 2 talk 2
    LProckerchick71: noob
    ItsTimeForCake (9: 24:52 PM) has entered the room.
    TheGreatZambeeni: who dis fag?
    LProckerchick71: ha ha she's gay
    ItsTimeForCake: looking for hawt pics
    JessyWithAnS: I'VE GOT HAWT PIX
    TheGreatZambeeni: asl?
    ItsTimeForCake: want 2 share?
    LProckerchick71: ....
    JessyWithAnS: yea
    ItsTimeForCake: k cool
    TheGreatZambeeni: o, its a he
    TheGreatZambeeni: nvm
    ItsTimeForCake: yea im a guy
    JessyWithAnS: you're so much cooler than zambeeni
    TheGreatZambeeni: den stfu
    TheGreatZambeeni: im not ghey
    JessyWithAnS: he's a loser
    ItsTimeForCake: lol you sound gay
    JessyWithAnS: but YOU'RE NOT!!!
    TheGreatZambeeni: lolnoob u dont now anything
    LProckerchick71: gah...
    ItsTimeForCake: thanks
    ItsTimeForCake: you sound cute
    JessyWithAnS: thanks
    JessyWithAnS: you sound cool
    TheGreatZambeeni: oh, i kno wat ur doin
    TheGreatZambeeni: lp lets cyb0r
    LProckerchick71: k
    ItsTimeForCake: she dont want to cyber wit u
    JessyWithAnS: no 1 wud
    TheGreatZambeeni: yes she does, u git teh fat 1 lol
    JessyWithAnS: I'M NOT FAT!!!
    ItsTimeForCake: yea right like u wuld kno
    TheGreatZambeeni: shes so fat the doctor called her big LOL
    JessyWithAnS: WHAT
    ItsTimeForCake: lol u sound jealous to me
    TheGreatZambeeni: STFU
    JessyWithAnS: yea...
    TheGreatZambeeni: AM NOT
    TheGreatZambeeni: STFU
    LProckerchick71: yea
    ItsTimeForCake: LOL he is
    LProckerchick71: he likes me
    ItsTimeForCake: hes gettin mad
    TheGreatZambeeni: no way, i want lp
    TheGreatZambeeni: she hawt
    LProckerchick71: yea I'm hawt
    ItsTimeForCake: but ur an ass zambeeni
    JessyWithAnS: yea
    TheGreatZambeeni: and i get ass LOLZ
    ItsTimeForCake: lol good one
    ItsTimeForCake: NOT
    JessyWithAnS: don't lie to us
    TheGreatZambeeni: u noob
    LProckerchick71: what kind of music do you guys like?
    TheGreatZambeeni: dats it, ima fite u cake
    ItsTimeForCake: ur prolly a fat nerd zambeeni
    JessyWithAnS: u tell him
    TheGreatZambeeni: and ur a lil bitch in his mommys basement
    TheGreatZambeeni: so stfu
    ItsTimeForCake: i live in an apartment idiot
    JessyWithAnS: oooooooo
    TheGreatZambeeni: yah above ur moms garage LOL
    ItsTimeForCake: but u didnt deny that ur a fat nerd
    TheGreatZambeeni: STFU
    ItsTimeForCake: LOL u fat idiot
    TheGreatZambeeni: gawd ur so faggot
    JessyWithAnS: what?
    ItsTimeForCake: look whos talking
    TheGreatZambeeni: dats it, lets internet fight
    JessyWithAnS: *giggle*
    ItsTimeForCake: dats not funny
    JessyWithAnS: ..
    TheGreatZambeeni: my warlock would so kill u bitch
    ItsTimeForCake: no u
    ItsTimeForCake: ur okay :D
    TheGreatZambeeni: i dont care wat u say
    JessyWithAnS: yay!!!
    ItsTimeForCake: my warlock got a mount faggot
    ItsTimeForCake: itll trample ur ass
    TheGreatZambeeni: stfu mounts r for noobs
    ItsTimeForCake: dats cuz u cant afford one
    TheGreatZambeeni: yah i buy gear to kill u wit LOLZ
    ItsTimeForCake: lol cuz u couldnt win any other way
    TheGreatZambeeni: dats it
    ItsTimeForCake: u dont have skillz
    TheGreatZambeeni: just STFU
    TheGreatZambeeni: STFU
    ItsTimeForCake: rofl
    ItsTimeForCake: loser
    JessyWithAnS: yay
    TheGreatZambeeni: im leavin
    JessyWithAnS: ha ha good
    TheGreatZambeeni: lets go cyb0r lp
    TheGreatZambeeni: ur so much hawter than that jessy BITCH
    LProckerchick71: No i don't like you no morez
    ItsTimeForCake: dont call her a bitch
    TheGreatZambeeni: WAT?!
    ItsTimeForCake: you faggot
    TheGreatZambeeni: F U ALL
    LProckerchick71: you had an internet fight
    TheGreatZambeeni (9: 35:13 PM) has left the room.
    ItsTimeForCake<..: rofl
    LProckerchick71: lame-o
    ItsTimeForCake: what a loser
    JessyWithAnS: yea i know
    ItsTimeForCake: sorry he bothered you girls
    JessyWithAnS: thanks fo takin care of him
    ItsTimeForCake: no problem
    LProckerchick71: yea...
    ItsTimeForCake: he shouldnt mistreat ladiez
    LProckerchick71: true that
    JessyWithAnS: you put him in his place
    ItsTimeForCake: thats what a real man does
    ItsTimeForCake: lol
    JessyWithAnS: lol
    LProckerchick71: k bye
    LProckerchick71 (9: 37:20 PM) has left the room.
    ItsTimeForCake: y did she leave
    JessyWithAnS: who knows...
    ItsTimeForCake: hm
    ItsTimeForCake: wanna cyber?
    JessyWithAnS: yea!!
    ItsTimeForCake: u dont hav to if u dont want to
    ItsTimeForCake: k sounds cool
    JessyWithAnS: k
    ItsTimeForCake: alright
    ItsTimeForCake: how bout we do this in an IM
    ItsTimeForCake: I don like the chat room
    JessyWithAnS: k
    JessyWithAnS: bye
    ItsTimeForCake: ill IM you the
    ItsTimeForCake: then
    JessyWithAnS: k bye
    ItsTimeForCake (9: 41:55 PM) has left the room.
    JessyWithAnS (9: 42:20 PM) has left the room.